Submitter comment: the lovely lady who is the recipient of this, er, piece of art, got it to commemorate her father who died when she was a baby. While that sentiment is nice, it still remains that she is only 13 and the tattoo was done in someone’s house in horrible, dirty conditions. 

What’s awful: The line work is wonky, I have no idea what the top of the last “d” is doing but I’m not entirely sure it should be doing it. The colouring is truly terrible and the overall tattoo just screams looming infection. I honestly cannot see what would possess someone to actually tattoo this, irregardless of money, she’s just a child and now has something that looks like a squashed tomato rotting away on her arm which she will regret before she’s even old enough to get it covered up.

Looks like she’s been scratching at it, too.